Lake Balaton is one of the most favorite places of summer holidays for Europeans. It is sometimes called ‘The Hungarian Sea’. Lake Balaton offers excellent opportunities for holidays and recreation.It is a perfect summer holiday destination for the family.

One of the wine places can be considered the district of Badaskoni city on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, which is known primarily for its vineyards. You can enjoy the local wine in any of the numerous bars, where well-cooked fresh fish is also served. A small depth of the lake, which is about 3-4 meters, guarantees a pleasant temperature for swimming in the summer months, up to 27 degrees. Almost all the water sports can be performed at Balaton, and on the numerous banks. Along the whole shoreline of Balaton small towns with their picturesque landscapes, are situated and attract for a City-Trip to Balatons cultural Hearts. The biggest Towns on the northern shore are: Balatonfüred, Tihany & Keszthely.

Balatonfüred, a small town with a historic atmosphere on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The town looks back on a history of more than two thousand years, as it was inhabited as early as the Roman era. It became truly significant in the 19th century, when it was considered as one of the most important centres of culture and social life in the country. Famous poets, writers and politicians spent their summers and found recreation here. Its attractiveness is due to its beautiful location, the healing power of its carbonated springs, the fine, aromatic wines grown in the Uplands, and above all, to the hospitality of the people who live here. Our historic and cultural traditions, events organized for decades and natural treasures attract visitors to our town in every season. When you are in Balatonfüred, take a walk in the town, visit our monuments and sights, wander in the surrounding hills and enjoy the sunset as it reflects on the water of the lake. On Tihany peninsula the village with the same name is famous for one of the oldest monasteries in Hungary. Keszthely as a city has a history for more than 750 years. What makes Keszthely the capital city of the Lake Balaton is its natural beauty, the immediate natural environment, with several centuries of cultural and scientific past, and its unequalled geographical position. The Festetics-Mansion, witch is the best reconstructed and furnished mansion in Hungary, with unique parks, and Museums, with the Balaton Theatre and Georgikon University Keszthely is truly the capital city of the lake Balaton.